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As a boutique real estate investment brokerage we are singularly focused on providing unparalleled service to our clients. We are not listing hunters. We work with a group of investors and actively work to find suitable properties.  Likewise we work with sellers, bringing our investors together with our sellers. Each of our investor and sellers have specific needs, we tailor our service directly to our clients. Be they land owners or developers, commercial buyer or sellers, or multifamily buyers or sellers. We expedite the entire process buying and selling investment properties by removing the obstacles. We bring investors together with sellers, and provide access to the funds necessary to complete the deal. 

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We believe that all of our clients deserve the very best service. But there is no single best form of service. REI Group provides unsurpassed full service to our clients. All aspect of the sale of or for your home is taken on by REI Group. We pride ourselves on making the selling & buying process as smooth and even enjoyable as is possible. We are with you every step of the way. With REI Group you can rest assured that not only we will negotiate the best deal possible, but we will also handle the sale with the utmost care, which means you’ll breath a little easier. 

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