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Commercial Division

REI Group

REI Group provides specialized, unparalleled service to our clients. With superior knowledge of the local market. We give our clients the attention and time larger brokerages simply won't. REI Group doesn't simply hunt for listings. We provide tailored service to meet our client's specific needs. That includes targeted marketing to our extensive group of investors and other qualified buyers. Unlike other brokers, we actively search out potential buyers.

Consultation & Services


Tenant and Landlord Representation.

Property Management

We protect your investment, while maximizing your profit, by minimizing your cost. 

Property & Business Valuation 

Whether you're selling raw or improved land, fully occupied or vacant commercial, office, or warehouse space, or a business, you can sell with confidence with our detailed valuation and marketing plans.

Development Services

REI Group are experts in land development. We will advise, and assist in the development process. Taking your land from raw to fully entitled, to finished lots, whatever makes the most sense for your property.

Investors Services

Our investors rely on REI Group to locate, evaluate, and obtain investment properties and opportunities. Because REI Group's primary focus is bringing sellers together with our investors, the process is often streamlined, meaning that we can usually start negotiating with buyer and seller very early on.

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