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Our group of connected real estate investors are ready to lend to qualified buyers. REI Group has further streamlined the entire process. We provide our partners with all the tools and services necessary to invest with confidence.


Start by making a proposal for a short or long term residential or commercial loan. 


Our group of connected investors evaluate your proposal. Should it meet our investors criteria, one or more of our investors will accept your proposal. 


Once accepted, your proposal can be funded in as little as 72hrs.

Are YOu a Lender?

If you lend or are interested in lending capital to our real estate partners, we should probably talk. REInvestment Group  is always looking to grow our group of lenders to better serve our partners. We work with private money lenders, hard money lenders, real estate investment groups, crowdfunding platforms and more. Learn how REIvestement Group can connect you with our real estate partners in need of capital...

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