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Flip with REI Group

Identify & Buy

When you work with REI Group we give you the best opportunity to buy, rehabilitate , and sell. REI Group is constantly looking for a good investment opportunities. Often we have inventory on hand ready to assign or JV. And, because of our network of investors ready to make hard money loans, we help identify and buy flip properties. 


You can flip properties with confidence knowing that REI Group has provided you with the necessary information to buy, rehabilitate, and sell with a suitable profit margin. We take the guess work out of flipping with our trusted venders providing top quality inspections. From general home inspection, roof, HVAC, energy efficiency among others. Our expert inspectors make sure you are well informed.  


REI Group starts with understanding our partners investment strategy. Once we've identified a property, REI Group can assist with the purchase. The inspectors we work with will put you the best possible position to understand the rehabilitation. And once you've completed the rehabilitation REI Group works to market and sell your flip for the highest possible price. REI Group is with our partners from start to finish. 

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