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Land & Development 


Raw Land

Not all land is created equally

REI Group always starts with a consultation. How best to proceed will depend on our partner's investment philosophy. Our partner's investment philosophy is partially developed using the research and information REI Group provides. REI Group prides itself on being experts in land. We work hard to know how and where cities look to grow. Just as importantly, we work closely with builders & developers to know where they want to grow and build. The more information you have the better you can decide how to proceed with the sale of your property. 

Development Services

Improved land is valuable land

Developing your land can greatly increase the value. The big question, beyond whether your land should be developed, is to which extent your land should be developed? REI Group are experts in land development. We will advise, and assist in the development process. Taking your land from raw to fully entitled, to finished lots, whatever may make the most sense for your property.

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Sell with Confidence

We bring sellers together with buyers

We have long established relationships with investors, builders, and developers. We've worked hard to establish and foster these relationships. It is a diverse group from local, regional, and national residential developers. What this means for our seller is that often we have buyers in place to buy. Rather then your property sitting, waiting for a buyer, we can usually start negotiating very early on. 

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