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Multifamily Specialist

REI Group

REI Group is a full service Multifamily Specialist. We identify potential properties, analyze, profit potential for our buyer, negotiate, close, and manage properties for our clients. If the time comes to sell, we handle all the details of selling. We have an extensive list of buyers as well. So we actively search for and bring buyers and sellers together. 


REI Group represents a variety of buyers, from seasoned investors to first time mulitfamily buyers. Regardless we work with our buyers to make investing in multifamily properties manageable & profitable. Consultation is always the first step. In order for us to do our job we first need to know your investing strategy. We are not simply trying to sell you a property, we work with you to assure that the property fits your investment philosophy. We want to grow with our investors, and are with you during the entire process of buying and after.


Look around and you'll find any number of apartment complexes on the market. Your best chance to get your asking price is to sell within the first 30days. Traditionally the most important thing when selling an apartment complex is price as it relates to income. Of course location and condition will greatly influence this ratio. We start with price as it relates to income as well, but that is only the start. Marketing both to the general public & more importantly to our extensive group of investors is what sets us apart. Often we have an investor in place ready to make an offer on your property.


REI Group is more than a real estate firm representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. We are a boutique investment firm that partners with our clients to provide unsurpassed service. Our clients have specific needs, we tailor our service to your needs. Which means that when we sell an apartment complex to one of our clients, the relationship doesn't end there, we provide full management services, from maintenance, to bookkeeping, to tenant relations, including rent collections, evictions and unlawful detainers. We maximize your profits, by minimizing your cost & providing peace of mind.

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