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Residential Division

REI Group

REI Group is a full service Multifamily Specialist. We identify potential properties, analyze, profit potential for our buyer, negotiate, close, and manage properties for our clients. If the time comes to sell, we handle all the details of selling. We have an extensive list of buyers as well. So we actively search for and bring buyers and sellers together. 

Buying with
REI Group

REI Group offers superior service to our clients. We do all the heavy lifting, so you can breath and enjoy the home buying process. You're our partner. We are in this together. For real estate done your way, visit our sister brokerage SVR the valley's only a la carte brokerage.

Selling With
REI Group

You can rest assured because you have the confidence that you are selling for the best possible price. With the best possible service. We sell fast, make the process easy, and get you the best value for your home.

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